Anti Bac Hand Wash



This caring antibacterial hand soap, created with a unique blend of herbs and minerals, cleanses your skin and makes you feel refreshed and ready to go. Reynolds antibacterial liquid soap is activated with hot water to cleanse and moisturise your hands, and is suitable for daily use. For best results, pump out the handwash, lather on hands and rinse with warm water. Our chamomile and jojoba oil-scented antibacterial hand cleaner is pH skin neutral and it is suitable for all skin types. Our reviving recipe contains gentle yet effective cleansers, blended with a unique selection of minerals and 13 herbs. From as early as 1908, Reynolds founders used a unique blend of minerals and herbs to ease the fatigue of weary bodies and minds. From reviving the tired feet of early travellers to helping hardworking people find a moment of solitude and sanctuary – Reynolds is rooted in the transformative power of mineral therapy. We have a long history of everyday therapy, we call it your daily R&R, Reynolds Mineral Therapy. Enjoy Reynolds Care & Moisturise Antibacterial Handwash.


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