Reynolds Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel has been designed to decrease bacterial agents on the hands. Hand sanitiser formulations with an alcohol based are traditionally favoured as they are said to be more effective. As advised by the NHS, it is preferable to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water but as this is not always an option, for instance when you are travelling, it is seen as being necessary to carry a hand sanitiser gel bottle. Reynolds Hand Sanitiser has been packaged in a 60ml bottle with a child proof cap.

Reynolds Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel has been manufactured using 70% alcohol. The reason for this formulation is for the ability to kill 99% of all bacteria 30 seconds after application. The government and health organisations are also recommending using 68%+ alcohol content hand sanitiser gel during the current Coronavirus outbreak. The Reynolds formulation also consists of hand friendly moisturisers, emollients and special skin protective agents. Alcohol based hand sanitisers kill many different types of bacteria including antibiotic resistant bacteria and TB bacteria.

Reynolds Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser should be used as follows:

  • Apply Reynolds Hand Sanitiser to the palm of the hand.
  • Rub your palms with fingers.
  • Rub the back of each hand with palm.
  • Rub your palms together.
  • Rub you palms with your nails.
  • Rub your thumbs together.
  • Rub your wrists with fingers.
  • Do not wash hands immediately after use.

Reynolds Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser can be used frequently and the moisturising agents present make it suitable for dry and sensitive hands. Made in the UK, you can be assured that Reynolds Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitises uses only the highest quality compounds.

Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Store out of reach of children. Keep away from flames.


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